Sunday, 17 May 2009

MSI Enhances Shader Clock Inside GPU

MSI unveils its latest MSI graphics card carry fine-tuned vBIOS settings, have best Shader clock setting of the NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series GPU. After this special treatment, graphics card can have much better benchmark result or real application performance boost immediately.

The ratio of Stream Processor clock (aka Shader Clock) over GPU core clock is raised, thereby boosting the performance of graphics card without generating too much heat.

"As we standing at the crossroad of increasing cost of energy resource and profound anticipation of better performance that never ends," said Vincent Lai, Director of MSI's Global Marketing Group. "How to utilize chips from existing wafering process and create higher execution output per watt by simply fine-tune practicable settings via engineering strength is one of the most important duties of high tech industry."In order to enjoy benefits of this unique tweaking skill, vBIOS on the graphic card must be re-flashed on the PC platform today. Users will violate the warranty agreement and could highly possible damage their graphic card product if they were not familiar how to re-flash vBIOS. MSI, as a technology leading and innovative product designer of computer products, presets the Shader Clock enhanced version of NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series graphic card product for better performance. Consumers can enjoy much better 3D experience right after opening box, no more hassle to re-flash vBIOS or tweaking anything.

For the hard-core gamer, MSI also launches a special version, the NX8600GT Twin Turbo, has two separate vBIOS on-board which carry two dedicated GPU/Shader/Memory clock settings. Users only have to press a hardware button on the bracket, and then the new (higher) clock setting can be applied without re-flashing the vBIOS chip. Also, these two vBIOS chips give extreme enthusiast a Die-Hard workability (another vBIOS chip as spare) if they want to tweak the vBIOS to find out the ultimate performance parameters between Shader clock and GPU core clock.
Target to reach Singapore End-Sept.


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